Tutorial: discover the CH119NFC programmable thermostat

Here is the link to the video-tutorial, the guide that illustrates the instructions with all the necessary info.

21/07/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


With this article we are launching a series of slightly more technical posts that aim to guide installers and system engineers, in addition to DIY enthusiasts, in the installation and configuration of some of our products.

For the main products, in addition to the technical data sheet, we will provide photo-tutorials and video-tutorials that not only cover some of the technical features but also the steps to commission them.

Let’s begin with CH119NFC, a weekly programmable thermostat to control heating and air conditioning systems from an APP on Android smartphones with NFC technology.


What makes it a special product?

This product features NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This feature makes it possible to remotely control the thermostat, without even touching the product, and even without an internet connection. This is a particularly convenient function that is also safe, especially at this time, as it avoids all physical contact. To use this feature all you need is an Android smartphone with NFC peripheral.


What will you see in the photo-tutorial?

The first section of the guide outlines the technical specifications, the special features and the important things to remember about CH119NFC.

The second section of the guide is devoted to the installation activities, from releasing the portal, to wiring and specific instructions on the best way to attach the thermostat to the wall.

The third section of the CH119NFC video-tutorial focuses on configuration, which – as mentioned earlier – can be done by pairing the programmable thermostat with a smartphone and then by following the instructions of a wizard.

Here is the link to the video-tutorial


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