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    • Intellitherm C53A – C53AB

      Flush mounting weekly chronothermostats

    • Intellitherm C51 – C51B – C51T – C51BT

      Flush mounting weekly chronothermostats

    • Intellitherm C21W

    • Intellitherm 7i3 C29

      Flush mounting programmable thermostat

    • C43

    • XM9Y

      Mono Split air conditioner  gas R410A

    • XF..YM

      Multi-split air conditioners - internal units

    • XF..YSCON

      Multi-split air conditioners - console internal units

    • XF..YSCAS

      Multi-split air conditioners - Cassette internal units

    • XF..YSPS

      Multi-split air conditioners - floor/ceiling internal units

    • XF..YSCAN

      Multi-split air conditioners - Ducted internal units

    • XF29Y3

      DC Inverter external unit for Trial Split

    • XF35Y4

      DC Inverter external unit for Quadri Split

    • XD16-A, XD24-A


    • XF42Y5

      DC Inverter external unit for Penta Split

    • A42

      Mechanical level controls for under pressure systems up to 16 bar

    • UVR series for “smoking rooms”

      Heat recovery unit

    • Intellicomfort CH180WIFILITE

      Weekly programmable thermostat with WiFi connection for remote control

    • ECC15GSF- ECC20GSF

      Single jet volumetric meter up to 120°C, drilled with the probe holder

    • ECCR

    • ECCMR

    • ECCM

    • CT5

    • CT46

    • CR2

    • C49

    • C41A


    • Thermostatic radiator valves with pre-setting, series 159

    • Lockshield valves, series 159

    • Intellitherm 7i C27

    • Intellitherm 7 C25

    • Intellitherm 1 C26

    • Intellitherm plus C46A

    • Intellicomfort CH180RF

      Weekly wireless touchscreen programmable thermostat for Intellicomfort+ system

    • ZTT

    • Intellitherm Special C45

      Weekly programmable thermostat

    • ACT

      Radial centrifugal fans

    • Intellicomfort CH140GSM

      Weekly programmable thermostat with integrated GSM module

    • CT3M

      Telephone activator with GSM

    • Intellitherm C75 – C76

    • Intellitherm C55 – C55A – C56 – C56A

      Cronotermostato settimanale/giornaliero, a batterie

    • C82

      Termostato elettronico

    • Therm C20

      Flush mounting room thermostat, 2 temperatures

    • UVR Series

      Heat recovery unit


      fan heater

    • VOLO 120/48″ R

      ceiling fan

    • VOLO 120/48″ RL

      ceiling fan with light

    • FRESKO

      tower fan


      axial fans

    • ACC

      centrifugal fans

    • ACL

      Cabinet centrifugal fans


      infrared electric heaters


      electric hair dryer


      electric hair dryers

    • XD12-A


    • AIL

      long case axial fans

    • BFL

      Filter box


      hot air electric generators

    • BSL

      Silencer box

    • BRL

      Heating box

    • TCE

      Duct portion with net

    • COV

      Fan cover for outdoor use


      Safety Extra-Low Voltage axial fans

    • AIC

      short case axial fans

    • Set of 4 lifting eyebolts

      Set of 4 lifting eybolt supports

    • Set of 4 supports

      Set of 4 supports

    • CH 6000 TURBO Series

      Electric convector heaters

    • A41

      Mechanical level controls for under pressure systems up to 16 bar

    • CH 6000

      Electric convector heater for floor and wall installation

    • Sicurgas P73

      Flush mounting carbon monoxide detector for civil environments

    • ECMCA

      Hydraulic modules for heating/cooling+sanitary circuits

    • ECC15CA – ECC20CA

      Single-jet compact heat meters

    • ECMSA

      Hydraulic modules for sanitary circuits

    • CH115TS

      Touchscreen electronic room thermostat with batteries, 3 temperature levels

    • CH133RR

      Flush mouting room thermostats for fan-coils with remote actuator

    • ODPE

      Outdoor video intercom for wall mounting

    • ODTC01

      IP Dome camera

    • ODTC02

      IP Bullet camera

    • ODTS7AL

      7” Wall-mounted multifunctional touch-screen

    • EC45KPSA

      Probes for water metering systems

    • C83

      Touchscreen room thermostats

    • Z52 – Z53 – Z53PT

      Motorized ball valves up to 1"

    • XM18Y

      Wall mounting Dc Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner - 18,000 BTU

    • XM24Y

      Wall mounting Dc Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner - 24,000 BTU

    • O33B – O33C

      Electric servocontrols for spherical valves

    • XM12Y

      Wall mounting Dc Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner - 12,000 BTU

    • VM802

      Energy meter, compact, single-phase, 80A, 2 wires

    • VM063 – VM064

      Energy meter, compact, three-phase, 6A, 3 or 4 wires

    • VM803 – VM804

      Energy meter, compact, three-phase, 80A, 3 or 4 wires

    • VM001

      Communication modules

    • CAS

      Galvanized sheet box

    • CTIRM

      Interface for remote control of thermostats with serial input (CT)

    • XA12-MOB-A

      Portable air conditioner, 12,000 BTU

    • XF20Y2

      DC Inverter external unit for Dual Split up to 9+12 BTU

    • O41NCMAUX

      Electrothermal actuator

    • VM322

      Energy meter, compact, single-phase, 32A, 2 wires

    • P70

      Electronic control unit for gas leak detection with 4 detection zones

    • S71 – S72

      Gas detection sensors for control units P30A and P70

    • ECC20CON – ECC60CON

      M-BUS concentrator


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