Intellicomfort+: comfort in every room

Not just connected, but interconnected products with the Intelliclima+ smart App

28/12/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


There is no doubt homes in the future will be smart, will integrate various products (from comfort control to air sanitisation) and will allow you to control consumption and forestall malfunctions. These scenarios are partly already in place in the most modern homes, but will become the norm in future. Control over well-being in the house is also evolving hand in hand towards actual multi-area, multi-installation comfort ‘systems’, easier to manage, integrated and with remote control option.
Fantini Cosmi is working on developing ‘smart’ and interconnected products. That is exactly the context of the new series of wireless touch-screen programmable thermostats with Intellicomfort CH180RFWiFi Wi-Fi connection.

Fantini Cosmi’s smart home is where all services can be managed with the same app – including multi-zone temperature control. The CH180RFWiFi supervisor acts as a master unit for the Intellicomfort+ wireless multi-zone temperature control system, which sets a different temperature in each room based on the various occupancy needs, avoiding unnecessary waste and providing well-being, as well as saving a significant amount of energy. It is used to manage heating, cooling and humidity control systems with weekly programming and remote control from your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) via theIntelliclima+ APP.  It allows you to manage up to 8 zones, acting on the various temperature and humidity levels inside the same house, which means not unnecessarily heating rooms when not in use.

Intellicomfort CH180RFWiFi can be mounted on a wall or on 503 type boxes. As the system’s master unit, Intellicomfort+ communicates with CH120RF room thermostats, with O60RF wireless radiator actuators, with CH175 boiler or zone solenoid valve actuators. Communication between all devices takes place through radio waves.

It also serves as a zone thermostat with the option of controlling O60RF and CH175 actuators. It has a customised program that allows you to set the temperature, humidity and time profiles for each zone as and when necessary. The positive LCD display with white backlighting can also show a user-friendly graph of the energy consumption for the entire Intellicomfort+ system.

With the Intelliclima+ APP and the CH180RFWiFi programmable thermostat you can control and edit the set programs and temperature, as well as view the humidity rate directly on your smartphone or tablet. You can also receive push alerts straight away if any faults are detected. You can allow access over control of the programmable thermostat to other family members: there will no longer be just one person managing the comfort in the home, but everyone can be involved.
Plus, with the Wi-Fi connection, online support is available too: a technician can connect directly to the system and act much more quickly and at lower costs.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy every room in your house to the full.



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