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#vmc  Aspircomfort Pro X: the all-inclusive system for room air exchange

Easy to install and adaptable to any environment thanks to its clean, linear design, Aspircomfort PRO X is the ideal…

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#smartbuildings  Smart building and predictive maintenance: the future is here

The concept of smart building is now a reality, revolutionising building management and offering the concrete advantage of predictive maintenance.

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#airconditioners  Time to think about a new air conditioning system

Here are a few tips to help you choose a product that will make your summer cooler.

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Returning to the gym: how to ensure maximum hygiene

With the return of the warm season, many people decide to return to the gym. Let's help them stay safe…

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#vmc  From childhood to middle school: it’s time for a fresh air in schools

Well-being and air quality thanks to VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino…

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#product  Fan heaters and heaters, for a cold season without any surprises

The range of Aspira fan heaters and heaters offers everything you need for a comfortable cold season. …

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#vmc  Sanitised Air in professional environments with Aspircomfort Pro X

The new decentralised VMC/dMEV units with heat pump that can be equipped with UVC lamps to sanitise the intake air…

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#vmc  Decentralised VMC/dMEV : the perfect solution for small rooms

Decentralised Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, or spot CMV, offers the advantages of air renewal without the costs of a system.

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#vmc  Summer, holiday time for students and “work” time for schools!

The summer months are the best time to work on school buildings and get the classrooms ready for September, when…

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#heatingcables  Heating cables, the best allies when it’s cold

Heating cables are an effective solution for protection from the cold and for heating pipes, valves and taps to prevent…

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From open-spaces to comfort zones: how to guarantee safe air in work places

The spread of the virus has us questioning the proxemics of workplaces: layout, systems, comfort and safety. Luckily there are…

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Tutorial: discover the CH119NFC programmable thermostat

Here is the link to the video-tutorial, the guide that illustrates the instructions with all the necessary info.

Handy personal hygiene and safety devices

Electric hand dryers are perfectly suited for sanitary facilities in gyms, swimming pools and public buildings, but also for sanitary…

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Fresh, sanitised air in summer with Rhinocomfort

Here’s how you can make rooms less damp and recover cool air with a guaranteed benefit in terms of energy…

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#sistemi  #vmc  CMV product range extended to large spaces

New solutions for controlled mechanical ventilation for all sizes…