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    • OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ remote control: manage every system with ease

      The escalating cost of energy makes it essential to optimise energy consumption in households and small businesses, especially commercial ones. In this context, tools such as the OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ remote control are key solutions for managing heating efficiently, helping to mitigate the impact of energy costs and prepare homes for increasingly smart home automation scenarios.

    • How to get the energy class for tax deductions with Intellicomfort+

      Products in the Intellicomfort+ range make it easier to achieve energy classes useful for tax deductions. Let's find out how.

    • Classification of Temperature Control Systems in Italy: Classes V, VI and VIII

      We explore the classification of temperature control systems in Italy, with a detailed focus on classes V, VI and VIII. Here is how devices that fall into these classes can improve energy efficiency and living comfort.

    • Here comes the season of programmable thermostats

      Let us prepare for winter with a programmable thermostat to help us combine the ideal climate with energy saving.

    • Flora Sala’s touch behind the Fantini Cosmi image

      Flora Sala, an art director who has been designing record covers for many Italian singers for over 40 years, tells how the collaboration with Fantini Cosmi came about.

    • Changes in electronics: Fantini Cosmi tells his story to recent Polytechnic University of Milan graduates

      Young students and recent graduates from the Polytechnic University of Milan meet companies to discuss the changes taking place in the electronic world

    • Environmental conditions for home comfort: how to create an ideal environment

      What aspects contribute to a comfortable home environment? Let us try to remember them by considering not only temperature and humidity but also air quality, lighting and other important factors.

    • Saving energy and optimising comfort with the new C820RQ

    • Energy classification, how to achieve the highest classes

      The energy classification of dwellings measures the capacity of savings of a dwelling. Let's find out how it works.

    • Fantini Cosmi: Italian heart, global market

      Since 1931, Fantini Cosmi has been committed to bringing design into the homes of Italians, enriching its technological devices with style and quality.

    • Controlled mechanical ventilation: benefits for medical practices

      Controlled Mechanical Ventilation can be applied in many contexts: here are the advantages of its application in medical practices.

    • C820RQ, the digital thermostat that adapts to every need

      The new C820RQ “universal” thermostat is specially designed to also meet the requirements of new system standards, such as hybrid systems, heat pumps, and pellet boilers.

    • The advantages of using Controlled Mechanical Ventilation in homes

      Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) is one of the most effective tools for combating mould, thanks to its ability to provide rooms with fresher, sanitised air.

    • Turning the graduation thesis into an opportunity for the future

    • Fighting mould in the home with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation as an ally

      The presence of mould in the home can result from many causes: improving room ventilation is of great help.

    • Angelo Brambilla retraces the history of Fantini Cosmi – Part II

      Fantini Cosmi's most recent history sees the acquisition of the Aspira brand as one of the most important steps in the company's growth. Again, it was innovation that was the spark that triggered the birth of a new success.

    • Angelo Brambilla retraces the history of Fantini Cosmi – Part I

      Founded more than 90 years ago, the company has always faced the market with courage and an innovative spirit. Here is the secret of success in the words of the President

    • Fantini Cosmi at Career Day 2023

      Fantini Cosmi participates in the largest fair organised by the Politecnico di Milano, dedicated to job and internship opportunities for young students and recent graduates

    • Aspircomfort Pro X: the all-inclusive system for room air exchange

      Easy to install and adaptable to any environment thanks to its clean, linear design, Aspircomfort PRO X is the ideal air exchange system for studies, offices and classrooms.

    • Spring returns, allergies return. Using CMV can help.

      With the arrival of spring, seasonal allergies also return. A controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) system can help reduce these problems by improving indoor air quality.

    • Artificial intelligence in air conditioning: already a reality for Fantini Cosmi

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising many areas of our lives, from healthcare to urban mobility, and building climate control is no exception.

    • Fantini Cosmi at ISH with integrated comfort management solutions

      At ISH in Frankfurt, Fantini Cosmi presents the new range of programmable thermostats, thermostats and remote controls

    • Innovation also stems from comparison with new generations

      The temperature control algorithm that will characterise one of Fantini Cosmi's new thermostats came from the work of a thesis student

    • Smart building and predictive maintenance: the future is here

      The concept of smart building is now a reality, revolutionising building management and offering the concrete advantage of predictive maintenance.

    • How to combat interstitial condensation in perimeter walls

      Having more energy-efficient homes is undoubtedly an advantage. However, attention must be paid to interstitial condensation, a problem we can easily solve with controlled mechanical ventilation

    • How to choose the ideal programmable thermostat?

      Identifying the model, and before that the type of programmable thermostat best suited to our needs can be laborious. Here is a practical guide to choosing.

    • Smart functionality for the C800WiFi: perfect control of comfort and consumption

      The C800WiFi programmable thermostat offers an innovative, simple and intelligent approach to comfort, thanks to its SMART functions and integration with popular systems.

    • Fantini Cosmi at the table with the ‘big’ to inspire future engineers

      Five companies chosen by the Polytechnic University of Milan will animate the round table aimed at young physics engineering students

    • WiFi programmable thermostats: which models are best suited to every need?

      WiFi programmable thermostats combine the convenience of traditional planning with the benefits of remote control, including through popular Smart Home systems

    • Fantini Cosmi at CAREER DAY PMI

      The event for recent graduates of the Politecnico di Milano, dedicated to growth paths and job opportunities in Small and Medium Enterprises, is kicking off.

    • How to heat your home without waste

      Autumn alternates between cold days and others with milder weather: it is the season in which, more than any other, a few tricks are needed to maintain a comfortable temperature without wastage

    • Passion, teamwork and multicultural approach at Fantini Cosmi

      From a thesis of an Iranian student, the algorithms that 'orchestrate' comfort are born.

    • University-industry collaboration: from vision to practice

      The collaboration with the academic world has been going on for many years in Fantini Cosmi. Here is how this collaboration has been enriched with new experiences in recent months.

    • Study and work: a win-win experience

      For Danish Iqbal, a brilliant 27-year-old of Indian origin, who chose the Polytechnic University of Milan to build his future, it was an exciting experience. In this article, we explain how the thesis conducted in the company turned out to be a training period.

    • 7 tips for a more efficient home

      Saving energy, especially for heating, is an increasingly topical issue, also given the recent price increases. Here are some tips for a more efficient home. 

    • Let’s go back to MCE and “double up”

      The leit-motiv at MCE will be multicomfort, understood as the convergence between air quality management, temperature regulation and air conditioning for an increasingly smart home.

    • Time to think about a new air conditioning system

      Here are a few tips to help you choose a product that will make your summer cooler.

    • How to choose controlled mechanical ventilation

      With more and better insulated houses, the need for controlled mechanical ventilation increases. Here's how to choose the ideal model.

    • Returning to the gym: how to ensure maximum hygiene

      With the return of the warm season, many people decide to return to the gym. Let's help them stay safe with maximum hygiene.

    • Gas detectors: the right defence against an insidious danger

      Properly installed gas detectors are an essential tool to reduce risks in residential environments to virtually zero.

    • Fantini Cosmi obtains ISO 14001 certification

      Because the company takes care of the environment we live in every day by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

    • Smart Working at home: heating rooms intelligently

      Smart working, or agile working, is a convenience for many. But to avoid it becoming a cost, consumption must be controlled.

    • High utility bills: smart heating is a solution

      The year 2022 opened up with high utility bills. Intelligent heating can be used to tackle the problem of increasingly expensive energy. 

    • Smart office: rethinking modern workspaces

      A Smart office not only means remote working and flexible working hours but also a more conscious use of space and resources.

    • Top products of 2021

      The ranking of the best Fantini Cosmi and Aspira products of the year has just ended! Read all details in the article

    • Creating the right comfort for new year’s eve dinner in second homes

      How to prepare your second home to welcome your guests with the best comfort.

    • Air conditioning and air quality: two worlds that finally converge

      Heat control, air quality and connectivity are the three watchwords of multi-comfort according to Fantini Cosmi

    • From childhood to middle school: it’s time for a fresh air in schools

      Well-being and air quality thanks to VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino Marche.

    • Fan heaters and heaters, for a cold season without any surprises

      The range of Aspira fan heaters and heaters offers everything you need for a comfortable cold season. 

    • Sanitised Air in professional environments with Aspircomfort Pro X

      The new decentralised VMC/dMEV units with heat pump that can be equipped with UVC lamps to sanitise the intake air and destroy viruses

    • Decentralised VMC/dMEV : the perfect solution for small rooms

      Decentralised Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, or spot CMV, offers the advantages of air renewal without the costs of a system.

    • Pre-configured and ready-to-use wireless temperature control kit

      From Fantini Cosmi a new kit to wirelessly regulate a heating/cooling system through a remote relay.

    • Summer, holiday time for students and “work” time for schools!

      The summer months are the best time to work on school buildings and get the classrooms ready for September, when students in Italy go back to school, in utter safety, to ensure adequate air exchange.

    • A guide to choosing an air conditioner

      If you have not purchased an air conditioner yet, here are some tips to help you in choosing the summer’s lead character

    • The birth and life of a product in the Fantini Cosmi facilities

      Even in a highly competitive sector such as the manufacturing one, a high quality supply chain makes it possible to be a player on the global market.

    • Take a selfie and give: that’s how we decided to celebrate our 90 years

      Here’s how it works, thanks to Interlife, the charity project with which we would like to celebrate our company’s 90th anniversary.

    • It is warm once again: it’s time to “wake up” the air conditioner!

      Here are some tips on how to get this ally of your well-being back into “shape” to best face next summer’s heatwaves.

    • Certified quality: a constant, continuously evolving commitment

      Fantini Cosmi Industrie ensures quality and safety, as well as with the company certifications, also with the certifications of its products that comply with the requirements of applicable European Directives

    • Fantini Cosmi, a 90-year-young company

      For Fantini Cosmi, 2021 marks a truly special anniversary: the 90 years in business of the company, which through the various generations, has been able to reinvent itself with the concept of comfort.

    • MCE 2021: here we are! Even in digital version

      From 8th to 16th April, you will find us in the showcase online on MCE Live + Digital website, where we will introduce a new product, two strong points and a general overview of the news expected in the year 2021.

    • Pressure switches and safety thermostats for PEDs

      Fantini Cosmi offers products certified for the current regulations in the industry, among which CE 0497 and 2014/68/CE

    • Italian comfort with an international appeal

      Fantini Cosmi, present in over 70 Countries with its temperature regulation and control products, now seeks to expand with the Aspira CMV

    • High-tech products for industry: the heart of innovation

      A less-known area, in which we concentrate our R&D efforts, creating technologically excellent and exclusive solutions.

    • PRODUCT PREVIEW – Here is the new Ecocomfort 2.0

      Here we are with Fantini Cosmi's first completely smart device, that has already obtained the prestigious international "Red Dot Design Award 2021"

    • The 2021 outlook for the comfort sector: recovery is possible, albeit difficult

      Resilience is one of Fantini Cosmi’s core values. It is what has made it possible for us to turn a dramatic situation, such as the pandemic, into an opportunity for innovation. Here is what Claudio Franceschini, Fantini Cosmi Sales and Marketing Director, has to say.

    • How to configure the Fantini Cosmi WIFI programmable thermostats

      A step-by-step tutorial explaining how easy it is to install and configure the WiFi network of the Fantini Cosmi WIFI programmable thermostats

    • Heating cables, the best allies when it’s cold

      Heating cables are an effective solution for protection from the cold and for heating pipes, valves and taps to prevent damage due to low temperatures

    • How to choose controlled mechanical ventilation

      Choosing the perfect Controlled Mechanical Ventilation for all types of spaces is of crucial importance for ideal air quality

    • How to build an infection-proof anti-Covid home

      The challenge for the future of construction is to create an anti-Covid home that is also contamination-proof in general.

    • CH180WiFi and CH180WiFi Lite: find the differences between the two products

      Management with voice commands for CH180WiFi, while the entry level CH180WiFi Lite is easier to use and keeps a lid on costs. Let’s look at the differences between these two WiFi programmable thermostats, which look very much alike but have different functions

    • The pleasure of a thermostat that learns your favourite temperature!

      C800WIFI is the new programmable thermostat that uses artificial intelligence and dynamic geolocation to adjust the temperature and to improve room comfort

    • Introducing BIM coding for Fantini Cosmi products

      Fantini Cosmi has also decided to comply with the new official codes of BIM products, allowing designers to quickly and correctly insert their products and systems into their project. 

    • From open-spaces to comfort zones: how to guarantee safe air in work places

      The spread of the virus has us questioning the proxemics of workplaces: layout, systems, comfort and safety. Luckily there are products and technologies that purify air, even from viruses.

    • Back to school: indications and technologies for guaranteeing clean air

      The controlled mechanical ventilation of classrooms and school spaces is essential to mitigating dangers caused by the airborne transmission of the virus

    • Tutorial: discover the CH119NFC programmable thermostat

      Here is the link to the video-tutorial, the guide that illustrates the instructions with all the necessary info.

    • In summer, we long for fresh, clean air

      With wall, portable and ceiling models allowing us to air- condition any type of premises, FANAIR air conditioners have become a crucial element of our homes.

    • Which is the programmable thermostat for you? Guidance in making a choice

      How to choose the programmable thermostat which best meets your requirements and the use experience you’re looking for

    • MEV / VMC, now even with dehumidification

      Fantini Cosmi Mechanical Ventilation Systems (VMC, c-MEV, d-MEV) enlarge its range with new machines that include dehumidification functions and even greater possibilities of application.

    • Handy personal hygiene and safety devices

      Electric hand dryers are perfectly suited for sanitary facilities in gyms, swimming pools and public buildings, but also for sanitary facilities in companies and in any other type of work environment.

    • Adjust your “contactless” comfort

      An alternative to Wi-Fi to easily programme the programmable thermostat

    • Ready to support our customers during Phase 2

      Interview with Franco Brambilla, Managing Director of Fantini Cosmi S.p.A.

    • Improving air quality can be an effective countermeasure against epidemics

      As recommended by the Italian National Institute of Health, the possibility of improving air quality by purifying it can be an effective countermeasure against epidemics.

    • Smart building: technological evolution and trends

      Let’s find out why we are moving towards smart buildings as a way of integrating technologies and combining professional expertise.

    • MCE postponed to September

    • FANTINI COSMI – Leading actor at MCE 2020

      At the 42nd Mostra Convegno Expocomfort edition, Fantini Cosmi launches many news in the programmable thermostat and heat recovery ranges

    • Chilly weather settling in? All the solutions to keep warm

      An extensive range of heating products and technologies for your home.

    • Autumn: with Rhinocomfort warmth and clean air go hand in hand

      The Rhinocomfort heat recovery unit allows for a continuous exchange of indoor and outdoor air: no open windows to let fresh air in when the weather gets chilly.

    • Voice user interfaces: from now on, you can control comfort with your voice

      The Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostats now support voice control for a truly smart experience

    • How to configure the Fantini Cosmi WIFI programmable thermostats

      A step-by-step tutorial explaining how easy it is to install and configure the WiFi network of the Fantini Cosmi WIFI programmable thermostats

    • Fresh, sanitised air in summer with Rhinocomfort

      Here’s how you can make rooms less damp and recover cool air with a guaranteed benefit in terms of energy efficiency.

    • CMV product range extended to large spaces

      New solutions for controlled mechanical ventilation for all sizes

    • A guide of the best air conditioners for this upcoming summer

      Everything you need to know to improve the comfort of your own home as you await the hot weather.

    • Design meets flush-mounted thermostats

      Not just versatile, but also stylish: discover the entire range of flush-mounted thermostats and programmable thermostats

    • Spring is here: keep allergies away

      Spring brings with it some extra discomfort for allergy sufferers. Here is a remedy for an ‘anallergic’ home.

    • Air curtains, invisible protection for air conditioning

      The air curtains of the XBA range are ideal to keep a room well insulated without doors, curtains or other physical barriers.

    • SEAI 2019 Energy Show Dublin: RHINOCOMFORT has been rewarded as best innovative products

      The main B2B sustainable energy event in Ireland has named the winner for the Product of the Show award

    • Fantini Cosmi brings #multicomfort to ISH

      From 11 to 15 March, we look forward to seeing you at ISH Frankfurt HALL 10.3 - STAND B78. We are proud to take part in the world-leading trade fair for the heating & plumbing sector again this year.

    • Domestic pollution: what are the causes and possible solutions?

      We spend 90% of our time indoors. Here are some tips to improve air quality and tackle domestic pollution.

    • New environmental sensors for CMV control

    • Multi-zone temperature control kits that revolutionise comfort control across the house on their way

      Preset, easy to install and with integrated WiFi: let’s find out more about these new multi-zone temperature control kits


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